YU ZHUANG Wood and Tree Poster
Wood and Tree Poster is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Wood and Tree Poster

It's a poster for an architecture seminar which is called "Wood & Tree" in Tokyo, Japan. The theme is about new possibility of application of wood which is a kind of classic material on modern architecture. So modern graphic language is used to simulate classic drawing to express annual ring. The main vision is mathematical but still can feel natural beauty.

Wood and Tree Poster
YU ZHUANG Wood and Tree
YU ZHUANG design
YU ZHUANG design
Jia Saitama

JIA (The Japan Institute of Architects´╝ë members consist mainly of individuals who are responsible for the design and supervision of buildings, with a total of 4,700 people nationwide. The Japan Architects Association belongs to the World Architects Association (UIA). JIA Saitama members are a group of architects who have a workplace or residence in Saitama Prefecture, and have about 49 members. In addition, there are about 7 corporate cooperation members and 14 individual cooperation members. In order to improve Saitama's environment and architectural quality, we are conducting various activities in cooperation with local people, administrative people, young children who will be responsible for Saitama in the future, and students.