Yilan Liu Ataraxia Jewelry Collection
Ataraxia Jewelry Collection is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Ataraxia Jewelry Collection

Combining with fashion and advanced technology, the project aims to create jewelry pieces which can make the old Gothic elements into a new style, discussing the potential of the traditional in the contemporary context. With the interest in the way how Gothic vibes influences audience, the project also tries to provoke unique individual experience through playful interaction, exploring the relationship between design and wearers. Synthetic gemstones, as a lower eco-imprint material, were cut into unusually flat surfaces to cast their colors onto the skin to enhance the interaction.

Ataraxia Jewelry Collection
Yilan Liu Ataraxia
Yilan Liu Jewelry Collection
Yilan Liu design
Yilan Liu design
Yilan Liu

Yilan Liu, a Chinese jewelry designer, completed her MA degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2019. Yilan is interested in the potential of emotional experience between wearers and jewellery pieces. Her contemporary designs always discuss the relationship between wears and jewellery with playful interaction, encouraging self-exploration and reflecting a special perspective towards life.

Yilan Jewelry

Yilan Jewelry was founded in 2019. The founder, Yilan Liu, graduated from Central Saint Martins with a master degree. Yilan Jewelry captures the poetry of life, paying attention to the emotional experience derived from Jewelry and defining contemporary jewelry from the perspective of art. The design always combines with new technology and traditional handicrafts, not being rigid to the form but focusing on details. Yilan Jewelry believes that contemporary Jewelry is an expression of personality. It is beautiful, but it is more about attitudes, the stories behind and life itself. To create delicate, unique and warm demi-fine jewelry is the consistent brand belief.