Dani Paez Guillen PlouNuvol Light Interactive Installation
PlouNuvol Light Interactive Installation is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
PlouNuvol Light Interactive Installation

PlouNuvol is an immersive and interactive installation where the participant will be co-creating a storm within the cloud. Led by an actor and conductor, the attendees will be making noise with their bodies, body percussion, making the sound of the rain that triggers a set of surprising visual effects. This generates a show visible from both inside and outside the cloud, making the participants the creators of a storm in its different phases: drops, cloud, rain and thunderstorm. More than 15.000 people enjoyed it during three days.

PlouNuvol Light Interactive Installation
Dani Paez Guillen PlouNuvol
Dani Paez Guillen Light Interactive Installation
Dani Paez Guillen design
Dani Paez Guillen design
Aquí Houston

Aqui Houston is an interactive experiential agency that crafts never-before-seen experiences through cutting-edge technology based in Barcelona. Their philosophy it’s a mixture of creativity, software and hardware that gives birth to immersive installations, projection mapping, lighting for buildings, digital scenography, audiovisual instruments and sound design. Aqui Houston is interested on complexity that emerges from small simple behaviors, trying to capture the diversity and richness of complexity working with generative algorithms and visuals. Interactive installations give to Aqui Houston the chance to explore new emerging narratives encouraging the audience to participate and promoting their collaboration. Interaction adds the human diverse behavior to the experience fostering richer outcomes.