Calaras Serghei Lory Duck Chandelier
Lory Duck Chandelier is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Lory Duck Chandelier

The Lory Duck is designed as a suspension system assembled from modules made of brass and epoxy glass, each resembling a duck sliding effortlessly through cool waters. The modules also offer configurability; with a touch, each can be adjusted to face any direction and hang at any height. The basic shape of the lamp was born relatively quickly. However, it needed months of research and development with countless prototypes to create its perfect balance and the best look from all possible angles.

Lory Duck Chandelier
Calaras Serghei Lory Duck
Calaras Serghei Chandelier
Calaras Serghei design
Calaras Serghei design
Calaras Serghei

Nowadays people live busy lives , rushing everywhere and are absorbed by their work. The life of an architect does not differ, busy schedules, established routines, and never enough time to create create that which satisfies not only work, but the soul.My true inspiration comes from daily drawing. Frequently at work I can take a small break, and get away from the present reality and start designing. One day while drawing I noticed that my sketch resembles me some unique design products and at that very moment I realized that this if what I would like to dedicate my life to.

Siero Carandash brand

Siero Carandash is a new brand on the market in interior lighting . With its distinctive , organic but still clear design , it offers an alternative to give a truly unique atmosphere to any interior . The brand concededly intended to create spectacular products that catch the eye immediately thanks to their individual .