33 and Branding Songhua River Rice Package
Songhua River Rice Package is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Songhua River Rice Package

Songhua River Rice, is a high-end rice product under SOURCEAGE Food Group. As the traditional Chinese festival - the Spring Festival approaching, they design through a beautifully packaged rice product as gifts to customers of the Spring Festival gifts, so the overall design needs to echo the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, highlighting the traditional Chinese cultural elements and auspicious good meaning.

Songhua River Rice Package
33 and Branding Songhua River
33 and Branding Rice Package
33 and Branding design
33 and Branding design
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33 and brand is a creative experience of marketing and visual arts to create brand companies. They provide a full range of brand services for many companies with aesthetic needs, and constantly explore unique and interesting creative experience. Each of their employees has rich experience. Their business involves traditional creativity, brand strategy and design, digital multimedia interaction, mobile / social marketing, etc.


SOURCEAGE pays attention to the food safety of Chinese people. They only provide safe food. They are a company combining experience store and Internet. They are the first "safe food operation platform" in China. "Safety, health and brand" are three key words of their company. They are an entrepreneurial company. In China, they can grow and improve rapidly in terms of professional knowledge, management, operation and Internet. Their founding team is from Beijing and excellent management talents from Listed Companies in China. They are committed to growing into a company closely related to people's lifestyle in the future and to growing into a leader in safe food in China. If you love rural life, you are concerned about safety and health, and you want to grow rapidly, their food is a good choice.