Sunkiss Design Team Reign Title Liquor Bottle
Reign Title Liquor Bottle is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Reign Title Liquor Bottle

The combination of "product + calligraphy + reign title" creates a distinctive visual identity. A reign title is an auspicious word itself that delivers a good wish. When it is applied to the product package in the form of calligraphy, the product has a imprint of classical Chinese culture and a social attribute, and the auspicious blessings of the product for consumers are delivered, so that consumers have more to talk about when drinking.

Reign Title Liquor Bottle
Sunkiss Design Team Reign Title
Sunkiss Design Team Liquor Bottle
Sunkiss Design Team design
Sunkiss Design Team design
Sunkiss Design Team

Famous designer, brand marketing expert, collector of epigraphy tablets. For 28 years, his works have been published in Shenzhen Design Yearbook, Packaging and Design, International Advertising and other professional media magazines. He has won the Best Creative Award in Industrial Design Yearbook for many times. Be good at blending oriental culture and Western aesthetics, and guide creativity from the height of brand strategy.

The Ningxiahong Wolfberry Liquor

Ningxiahong Wolfberry Liquor is elaborately brewed from fresh wolfberry produced in the homeland of Chinese wolfberry, using traditional brewing technology and advanced modern biotechnology. In 2005, Ningxia Red was selected as "China's most influential top 20 liquor brands" and was named "China's most competitive top 100 53". Ningxia Red Lycium Barbarum Industry Group is the dominant backbone enterprise supported by the autonomous region, the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in the autonomous region, and the key leading enterprise of national agricultural industrialization.