Sungkyun Bae My Coin 3D Animation
My Coin 3D Animation is Platinum Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
My Coin 3D Animation

A boy drops a coin into the sewer. A rich man finds such a boy and approaches. A wealthy man who knows the situation puts out expensive gold bullion instead of a coin to the boy. Realizing that the reason people conflict with each other is the difference in values, this animation expresses the difference in values that each person has.

My Coin 3D Animation
Sungkyun Bae My Coin
Sungkyun Bae 3D Animation
Sungkyun Bae design
Sungkyun Bae design
Sungkyun Bae

Founded by Bae Sungkyun, the director of My Coin, Studio Room has various designs and videos including 2D and 3D animation production, planning, and motion graphics. Although the company is located in South Korea, it has received orders to work in various countries by a supervisor who has obtained a master's degree in the UK. From planning to production, it is an animation and motion graphics production company that can trust one completed work. Participating animations include Larva, Pucca, Rainbow Ruby, and The Haunted House.

Studio Room

It is a studio that produces animation and advertising videos. This studio is producing animations in general and is especially specialized in 3D animation.