Biwei Zhu Hanyangling Museum
Hanyangling Museum is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category.
Hanyangling Museum

Archaeological Museum of Hanyang Mausoleum is one of the national level Museums in China.This exhibition space exhibits various Han Dynasty pottery figurines unearthed from archaeological excavations. These cultural relics are beautifully modeled, and Wilbur Studio present them visually through the design of the exhibition form.Through unique visualization technology, multi-media interaction area, archaeological site representation and other powerful technical means, they show a variety of exquisite ceramic relics, providing new vitality for the ancient art heritage.

Hanyangling Museum
Biwei Zhu Hanyangling
Biwei Zhu Museum
Biwei Zhu design
Biwei Zhu design
Wilbur Design Studio

Hanyangling Museum is one of the national level Museums in China. The new exhibition takes "the Rule of Wen and Jing" as the background, the period when the two emperors Wen and Jing in the Western Han Dynasty (206B.C.——8 A.D.) came into power, they went on with more moderate and humane policies and created historic prosperity. Varieties of exquisite pottery relics are displayed by distinctively visualizing techniques and using powerful technical means, like multi-media interactive areas and reproduction of archaeological sites, which provides the ancient art heritages with new vitality, thus fully reflect the material culture, political systems and spiritual features of the Han Dynasty. The new exhibition aims to bring new visual experience to visitors and to help them realize more stories behind those relics.