Seyed Hamed Jafari Rouzan Residential Building
Rouzan Residential Building is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Rouzan Residential Building

The building was conceived with the idea of a Traditional architectural style with local materials, and then became modern and technological. Concave sections with sharp angles to define openings, terraces and side-way pots were created to realize client’s childhood home featuring advanced architectural designs. Electrical rotating intricate canopy windows were created to overcome the extreme climate conditions as well as distinctive facade looks during day and night, based on adjustment degrees.

Rouzan Residential Building
Seyed Hamed Jafari Rouzan
Seyed Hamed Jafari Residential Building
Seyed Hamed Jafari design
Seyed Hamed Jafari design
Seyed Hamed Jafari

My view of architecture and related arts is always modern, simple and minimalist, and ultimately with the use of creative and technological angles. Of course, I have always had a deep look at traditional architecture and the local arts. I consider it a part of the culture and customs of my country.

Charchoob Architecture Office

The main purpose of the office is to strive for new design with a new look at Iranian architecture and the quality of space, considering the details of construction and implementation, geometry and texture of the area. This office is trying to create a close relationship between architecture and society, thus increasing the quality of life of users.