ZhuoYi Fan Flex Multifunctional Lamp
Flex Multifunctional Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Flex Multifunctional Lamp

Flex Light is a series of household luminaries that includes two table lamps and one floor lamp. It has a simplified form and is flexible and adaptable for different using scenarios. Under the effect of novel magnetic suction structure, the illuminate can be connected with the stand, smoothly adjusted in any direction, separated for individual use and attached to other surfaces. The materials in these products are natural wood which retain the nature texture and a delicate touch.

Flex Multifunctional Lamp
ZhuoYi Fan Flex
ZhuoYi Fan Multifunctional Lamp
ZhuoYi Fan design
ZhuoYi Fan design
ZhuoYi Fan

I am working as product design director of PTLIFE.As the main designer,I want to combine traditional folk art with modern design.Merging modern design with the honest attitude of folk art, to create new products that blend with the nature of life. In addition to fully satisfy the functional needs and living aesthetics, people can feel the deep natural atmosphere.Because I was born in the country, I got the infection of the fathers or neighbors in the hand-made farming tools every day. So I liked to make toys such as bamboo and metal from childhood. I like to disassemble the broken home appliances, and even the good one.I was keen on breaking things out of curiosity.Therefore,I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and inspiration for the structure of the products!

Guangzhou Pingtian Crafts

Founded and developed from research and redesign on traditional crafts,PTLIFE offers a more convenient and healthier experience for people's daily life,embedded with functional aesthetics and natural philosophy. PTLIFE focuses on R&D of modern luminaries with original designs. Aiming to design for daily using as a cultural related brand,PTLIFE brings natural, technical and fashionable luminaries with high qualities to clients. All products of PTLIFE are protected by patents. With a whole collection of table lights, pendent lights, floor lights, ceiling lights, and night lights, luminaries from PTLIFE can meet all your needs from household to business interior illumination.