Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang GravitATE Tableware
GravitATE Tableware is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
GravitATE Tableware

A tableware set that invites and encourages users to share interactions and eat slowly. GravitATE contains three personal dinnerware items and three service bowls. It has the potential for movement and interpersonal interaction. The form invites and encourages users to share these interactions intuitively. The result is that users take their time, sharing conversation and savoring food slower than with traditional tableware. This provides a positive dining experience for all.

GravitATE Tableware
Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang GravitATE
Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang Tableware
Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang design
Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang design
Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang

Yueyue Zhang is a creative and passionate industrial designer. She has been fond of innovative activities since childhood. The first time she accesses industrial design was her undergraduate in 2010. Then, her extraordinary academic performance at the undergraduate phase promotes her smooth admission into graduate school. In 2017, she decided to study abroad in the United States to get a deeper and wilder understanding of design. Through her 10-year academic experience, she has been exposed to more diversified design thinking which is generated by distinct cultures and different education methods.

Yueyue Zhang

Yueyue Zhang is an industrial design graduate student at RIT. She has a passion for exploring how design contributes to the world. Her expertise lies in successfully conceptualizing, designing, and developing products while working with people in different disciplines.