FENG CHENG Taizhou Mansion Commercial Architecture
Taizhou Mansion Commercial Architecture is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Taizhou Mansion Commercial Architecture

The project was designed by UCGD, commissioned by VANKE. And this is VANKE’s first project to implement the standardized module design. The design of the building focuses on making a positive contribution to the surroundings.Because of the narrow site, the project was to create natural surroundings of the building and keep connection in-between. Due to referencing Chinese garden, the walls give the project its own character, which not only lowed the impact of messy environment, but also create many winding paths and framed beautiful spaces.

Taizhou Mansion Commercial Architecture
FENG CHENG Taizhou Mansion
FENG CHENG Commercial Architecture

As an architect, Cheng Feng focuses on the design of real estate buildings and creates greater economic effects for developers through professional design methods. It is considered that both practicability and aesthetics should be taken into architecture intermundium.


China Vanke Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. After 30 years of development, it has become a leading urban and rural development and living services provider in China. The Group centers on the three most vibrant economic circles nationwide and hub cities in Midwest China. In July 2016, the Group was first listed on Fortune Global 500, ranking 356th. In 2017, the Group ranked 307th. In 2014, Vanke had extended its position as a company offering “good houses, good services, good community” to an “integrated urban services provider” in its fourth ten-year development plan. In 2018, Vanke will further upgrade such position to “urban and rural development and living services provider” and refine it into four roles: a solution provider of better life, a contributor to real economy, an innovator for future development and a creator of harmonious ecosystem. Vanke always upheld the vision of “building quality housing for ordinary people, developing premises for accommodation”. The Company adhered to two main development policies of synchronous development with the municipalities and our customers. Vanke will insist on providing quality products and services to ordinary people and contribute to satisfying people’s demand for a better life with its best efforts. . The core business of the Group includes property development, property service and rental housing. In 2018, the Group further enhanced its positioning to “urban and rural development and living services provider”. The ecological system formed had already taken its shape. On the basis of consolidating the inherent advantages of residential properties development and property services, our businesses were extended to areas such as commercial development and operations, logistics and warehousing services, rental housing, industrial towns, skiing resort business, elderly care and education. This had laid a sound foundation for better serving the people’s needs for a better life and achieving sustainable development.