Wen Yin Chen Madam Platinum Residence
Madam Platinum Residence is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Madam Platinum Residence

As the name of this project, Madam Platinum, it is a senior residential home made for the retired client couple, as the elegance and serenity of it all epitomize the spatiality of the interior, as well as the personal traits of the clients and their expectation of future. The design team anchored on the creative concept of comfort with taste, safe living space, choosing environmentally friendly materials and adopting modern aesthetics to conceal all preventive facilities in maintaining the refreshing visuals. It has become a favorite gathering space for the family of all generations.

Madam Platinum Residence
Wen Yin Chen Madam Platinum
Wen Yin Chen Residence
Wen Yin Chen design
Wen Yin Chen design
Wen Yin Chen

Time and trends are improved with each passing day. The first priority concern for designers is to make a long-term living space based on human-oriented. To realize the idea about traveling the blue hole in Italy, the designer uses the changes of light and colors to lead the blue hole concept into the living space. In this way, it is an extension of the memory on the trip to Italy. On the other hand, based on the living space, it is to increase a lot of storage features, so that it would make the general number of space create more flexible.

Shiang Chi Interior Design

As to Shiang Chi, the name in Chinese characters presents to fly and be tough. On the road to create designs, the experience comes from encountering challenges. What the team insists is to accomplish each project, achieving the ideal house for the clients. Shiang Chi aims to provide professional services, treat every client as friend sincerely, and to meet all the expectations and dreams. There is no shortcut for the design team.