Wen Liu Akimbo Coffee Beer Beverage
Akimbo Coffee Beer Beverage is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Akimbo Coffee Beer Beverage

The packaging design of co-branded craft coffee beer uses a vintage hand-painted illustration style to create a relaxed and refreshing image. The image of the design uses a lively style of Akimbo coffee and combines with the specific design style of E.T.Brewery so that both brand fans could recognize the design. Since the product was launched in the summer, the illustration of the design depicts an image of a visit to the seaside in summer. The design of the product tries to attract young people.

Akimbo Coffee Beer Beverage
Wen Liu Akimbo Coffee Beer
Wen Liu Beverage
Wen Liu design
Wen Liu design
Shenzhen Akimbo Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd.

A cup of exquisite pour-over coffee, a proper dessert, or a simple meal, or a shared space for a life aesthetics, these are the lifestyle presentation from Akimbo. Akimbo cafe is different from traditional cafes. It does not only offer fine coffee for the customer but also hosts some creative forums. The creative life forums provide an exploration and view of a delicious, unknown and novel object. Space, life, knowledge, and dress have become indispensable spirits and material needs.