Additive Implants Inc. SureMAX Cervical Implant
SureMAX Cervical Implant is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
SureMAX Cervical Implant

SureMAX is the first Titanium spinal implant that has a stiffness that matches the individual's bone stiffness as not to damage it once implanted. Bone loves to grow into Titanium but legacy Titanium cages have been limited because they are too stiff and damage the bone once implanted. SureMAX has solved this problem through using 3D print technology with geometries that are not machinable. It also has a porous roughen surface to encourage bone to grow into it. The 'diving' boards on SureMAX adjust to the patient's bone stiffness to assure the best fit and performance.

SureMAX Cervical Implant
Additive Implants Inc. SureMAX
Additive Implants Inc. Cervical Implant
Additive Implants Inc

The brand stresses the importance of 3D Titanium additive manufacturing printing to the implant design. The '+' sign in the logo helps to stress the concept of additive printing. The line below the logo calls out how the design enhanced the bone to implant interface which the most important element in helping the patient heal faster and have smaller chance of subsidence that could cause a new surgery. The colors were selected to be soothing to help will a feeling of healing and helping. The font used was to be very readable and easy to see.