Paolo Demel Gloria Sofa
Gloria Sofa is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Gloria Sofa

Design is not only an external form, but it is also a research on the internal structure, ergonomics and essence of an object. In this case the shape is a very strong component, and it is the cut given to the product that gives it its particularity. The advantage of Gloria has the strength to be 100% customize, adding different elements, materials and finishes. The great peculiarity are all the extra elements that can be added with the magnets on the structure, giving the product hundreds of different shapes.

Gloria Sofa
Paolo Demel Gloria
Paolo Demel Sofa
Paolo Demel design
Paolo Demel design
Paolo Demel

Paolo Demel is a young but talented designer, he has been studying design since he was 15, and his dream has always been to work for some important company in the sector, and to create his products for the community. he is a very helpful person with a futuristic vision of things, he likes to collaborate in a team because according to him collaboration is the secret behind a perfect job. His dream is to put his mark on the history of design. And make an important contribution to this discipline, because it has dedicated a life of study and a life of sacrifice to it.

Demel Design

Paolo Demel was born in Padua in 1991. From 2005 to 2010 he attended Industrial Design classes at the Pietro Selvatico Institute in Padua. Moreover in Padua he attended the three-year course at Scuola Italiana Design, an intense experience that led him to collaborate with Zignago Vetro, Stefanplast, Acquor, MG, Sorelle Ramonda and Mondo Giocattoli. At the end of his studies, he began his career specializing in Interior Design, developing furnishings and solutions mainly for the foreign market (Dubai, New York, Moscow ...). In this period he collaborated with Criocabin S.p.a., True Design and TMA. He is currently involved in product and interior design in Ypsilon Collection and Studiolo1844.