Naseer Behbehani Mother Earth Photograph
Mother Earth Photograph is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Mother Earth Photograph

Mother Earth is a reflection of reality, according to Naseer vision. As a portrait photographer, he decided to capture Planet earth as a human being, who's being sick as a result of pollution. Naseer carefully choose the elements for the make up to represent planet earth in a human form. Naseer tries to show through Planet Earth photograph how planet earth would looks like and feel if it has a human form.

Mother Earth Photograph
Naseer Behbehani Mother Earth
Naseer Behbehani Photograph
Naseer Behbehani design
Naseer Behbehani design
Naseer Behbehani

Naseer was passionate about art from a young age. He was a caricature artist for a long period of his life. Win mani prizes in that field, and worked for a newspaper as a caricature artist for 2 years. 2006 he discovered his interest in photography. Since then, Naseer didn’t stop developing himself. He win many awards in photography, nationally and internationally. He sees photography as a way to discover humanity, the reason he specialized in portrait photography. As art is all about emotions according to Naseer, he thinks that art should unite us, since it speaks the language that makes us humans.