Simran Tapadia Sati Comic Book
Sati Comic Book is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Sati Comic Book

The story and design chosen by Simran are quite different yet perfect together. As seen the colours used are unique and each page has different tell to the story. She succeeded in pulling off the story in 6 spreads with the style of Van Gogh which isn't easy to pull off. The design of her text is poetic and beautiful, not too heavy and not to light. It is perfectly balanced and placed. Each page has a different emotion and colour or mood to it bringing out a new fresh perspective.

Sati Comic Book
Simran Tapadia Sati
Simran Tapadia Comic Book
Simran Tapadia design
Simran Tapadia design
Simran Tapadia

Simran Tapadia is an art enthusiast with a passion for expressionism and realism. She enjoys experimenting with different art forms. Simran has also published four Indian art style graphic novels at comic con along with an adult coloring book and pixel art game called Reforged at IGFX along with her partner with the help of college. She started working at the age of 17 with well known companies like Jabong and Snapdeal, Lakme and many more. She is also known as The Memesaab which are slice of life comic strips, it has gained a lot of online and offline fan base.

Simran Tapadia

This story is made with the purpose of creating an amalgamation of Indian folklore and Van Gogh art style. It has turned out mind-blowing as no one has ever thought of it ever before. It's good to see such versatility and diversity in the art. The story is heartwarming and overwhelming. We see the pain women of India went through and the sacrifices they made for their loved ones.