Davide Marin New LumiFoldTB Portable Resin 3d Printer
New LumiFoldTB Portable Resin 3d Printer is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Award Category.
New LumiFoldTB Portable Resin 3d Printer

The New Lumifold, is a system designed to make a 3D printer smaller than its printing volume. It takes up little space, can be carried in a suitcase and used wherever you need. This opens to new scenarios: a doctor in developing countries or emergency areas could 3D print travelling where his/her work is needed, a teacher could build a 3D file during lesson, a designer could create for and with the customer, a prototype on the spot giving live presentations. TB is a light-curing resin-based version, which uses daylight 3D resins and the screen of a simple tablet as protagonist of 3D printing.

New LumiFoldTB Portable Resin 3d Printer
Davide Marin New LumiFoldTB
Davide Marin Portable Resin 3d Printer
Davide Marin design
Davide Marin design
Davide Marin

Over the last ten years I have been working on several projects with some great companies, working side by side to design and develop new products, and developing projects for my company as well. I am not only a designer, as I can handle by myself mechanical design, electronic design, writing firmware and software, building and testing a prototype already optimized for production, document the whole process, or coordinate a team of several people that work on it, including evaluating feasibility, marketing strategies and press releases.

Lumi Industries

Lumi Industries is an Italian start-up, born in 2014 from a Maker’s dream: to make 3D printing benefits available to a growing number of users. we invent, develop and produce 3D visualization and 3D printing devices mainly focused in stereolithography, with a series of high quality and compact resin-based devices and consumable materials. Thanks to our team’s ingenuity, together with expertise, skills and competences in mechanical, electronic, software development, Lumi Industries is also the perfect Open Innovation partner for any company who needs to transform a mere idea in a real hardware product in no time.