Marty Chou The Mermaid Home
The Mermaid Home is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Mermaid Home

The elegant owner of this apartment told the designer: "I’d like to live in a home where its ambiance is like a sanctuary. I could be isolated and indulged with my collections in this timeless, sacred space." During the design, came a new collection - a little mermaid. Her serene quality caught the designer and the mind started to evolve around her. She became the focal point and anchor of the space, the tone of the ambiance, and the source of the palette. The entire space became the extension of this fantastical creature. She is the soul of this space; the soul that reflects the essence of the elegant lady.

The Mermaid Home
Marty Chou The Mermaid
Marty Chou Home
Marty Chou design
Marty Chou design
Marty Chou

Marty Chou received his Bachelor of Architecture in University of Toronto, Canada in 2002, and Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design in Columbia University, New York, USA in 2005. Since 2016, he has been teaching architecture design studio in NTUT, Taipei, Taiwan. “Marty Chou Architecture” was founded in 2013, and has since been dedicated to pursue the art of clarity and the beauty of simplicity in architecture. Works are published in international media and have won the 2017 TID award and 2018 WIN Award

Ms. Lee

Ms. Lee, a young and elegant lady, is a medical doctor in profession and private collector in life. She is demanding as she is inspirational. She has exquisite and unique taste regarding her personal collection, and values artistic expression in every aspect in life.