Fernando Pozuelo Ryad Private Garden
Ryad Private Garden is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Ryad Private Garden

The challenge consisted in modernizing an old country house and turns it into a realm of peace and quiet, comprehensively working both on the architectural and landscape areas. The facade was renewed, civil work was did on the pavings and the swimmimg pool and retaining walls were built, creating new forge ironworks for the archways, walls and fences. Gardening, irrigation and the reservoir, as well as lightning, furniture and accessories were also comprehensively delt with.

Ryad Private Garden
Fernando Pozuelo Ryad
Fernando Pozuelo Private Garden
Fernando Pozuelo design
Fernando Pozuelo design
Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection

Fernando Pozuelo as landscape designer in Madrid has devised and coordinated more than 450 projects throughout the years. This amount of works shows the success of his selected signature and tailored gardens. Besides gardens we have created porches, terraces and balconies that have been approaching us in a natural way to the interior of the house. In our designs we always take care of all the details and complements and we have generated ideas and solutions to move nature beyond the garden. Our way to understand the landscape design is shown by the unique outcome that we get from each garden that we design. We work thoroughly and take into account every natural, living, human and abstract element that affects the whole environment. Nevertheless, it is also important to count on the feature of customisation and adaptation to the context. We are able to devise a green area that shows your wishes and make you feel something special that has to do with all that you want for your property. We always carry out our technical task flawlessly. Our particular vision for the planning and decor of gardens will be the door to a unique space full of life that you will love in your place. The landscape designer Fernando Pozuelo conceives the gardens in a way that is shown in three types of garden you can choose according to your aspirations and the dimensions of the space that you wish to get transformed by us. Our designs –made out of a variety of elements- are materialized in a unique and exclusive outcome and they can be classified into Ideographic, Symbolic and Scenic Gardens.