Tippy Hung Wishing Well Ring
Wishing Well Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Wishing Well Ring

Upon visiting a rose garden in her dreams, Tippy came upon a wishing well surrounded by roses. There, she looked into the well and saw the reflection of the night stars, and made a wish. The night stars are represented by the diamonds, and the ruby symbolizes her deepest passion, dreams, and hopes that she made at the wishing well. This design features a custom rose cut, hexagon ruby claw set in 14K solid gold. Little leaves are carved to show the texture of natural leaves. The ring band supports the flat top, and curves inward slightly. Ring sizes have to be mathematically calculated.

Wishing Well Ring
Tippy Hung Wishing Well
Tippy Hung Ring
Tippy Hung design
Tippy Hung design
Tippy Taste Jewelry

Tippy Taste is an independent jewelry label based in New York City. Tippy Hung the founder and owner launched Tippy Taste in late 2016 during her college years. Born in Taiwan and raised in Singapore, China, and Paris. Her design reflects the experiences she has been through. Her designs are known for their femininity, delicacy, and elegance.