Iun Lung Lu Piccola Enoteca Restaurant
Piccola Enoteca Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Piccola Enoteca Restaurant

After several years of operation, and having been rated highly by Gambero Rosso, the owner of Piccola Enoteca determined to provide his customers with more comfortable dining space to relish not only the delicacies but also Italian eating culture and environment. The designer, Iun Lung Lu, makes good use of original materials, integrate Italian elements and retain the original brand image, to construct a six floors dream space.

Piccola Enoteca Restaurant
Iun Lung Lu Piccola Enoteca
Iun Lung Lu Restaurant
Iun Lung Lu design
Iun Lung Lu design
Iun Lung Lu

Iun Lung Lu's designs are always faithful to a material's true nature and assembled in a way subtle and elegant. Most of his works are residential designs and sometimes cross the border into architectural space design. He insists that a good design is closely linked to meaning of life, and presents his work with the least intervention of furnishing objects. He has won many international awards such as the A'Design Award from Italy.

AO SHIH LU Int’l Co., Ltd.

OSLO International Co., Ltd. originated in Hsinchu, a county with a fusion of culture and technology. Starting with interior design, visual work, and building exterior, it has contributed to creating premium living spaces for 20 years. Recently, inspired by Italian art and design, OSLO also expanded to furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, and building materials’ categories. Providing high-quality furniture and building materials for construction companies, designers, and customers with one-step professional service, it expects to break the traditional norm of Taiwanese interior and architectural design industries. OSLO is expert in designing mansions, houses, commercial spaces, landscape architecture which not only focus on aesthetics and comfort but also emotion. It has assisted several cultivated persons to achieve their dreams through following projects over northern and central Taiwan – Jhan-Sin Orthodontic Clinic (Hsinchu), Chung-Hsing New Village Mr. Fu Mansion(Nantou), Lian-Hua Mountain Villa Mr. Lin Mansion(Hsinchu), Dung-Sheng-Chuen-Shiau Mr. Su Mansion(Chupei), Ansn Clini(Hsinchu), Yu-Ho Hui-Hseng Postpartum Care Center(Chupei), etc. Those projects have also attracted Interior, IW, ARCH, DECO, SH design magazines to report the successes of OSLO International Co., Ltd..