Andreas Guskos Unvisible Landscapes Lamp
Unvisible Landscapes Lamp is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Unvisible Landscapes Lamp

The physical world is made of matter which can be perceived by senses. By the power of nature or human skills it can host information as for example in art designs. There is a huge part of the world that is existing beyond the physical. One of such domains is mathematics. Mathematical objects, such as fractals, exist in a world beyond time and physical space, but they can be brought to the real world by making them available to human perception and this is the aim of the project Unvisible Landscapes. The showcased design is a fractal lamp, which introduces fractals visualized by 3d printing.

Unvisible Landscapes Lamp
Andreas Guskos Unvisible Landscapes
Andreas Guskos Lamp
Andreas Guskos design
Andreas Guskos design
Andreas Guskos

PhD D.Sc. Andreas Guskos, Associate Professor Phd and D.Sc. in Art. MA Eng. In Architecture Working in the fields of Art, Design and Architecture. Exhibited and presented his works in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, UAE, USA, Taiwan, Hongkong, Mainland China, Israel and Japan. Dean of Visual Arts, Academy of Art in Szczecin, Poland. President of the Association for the Support of Art, Science and Technology Development MEDEA. Originator and developer of the International Interdisciplinary Symposia on Art, Science and Technology MEDEA.

Broken Symmetry

The idea of Broken Symmetry is to bring to the domain of art and design the phenomena that are not available directly to human perception. It could be because they are too small, too large, invisible for the human eyes, soundless, or because they are existing beyond the physical world, for example in mathematics. Broken Symmetry operates where art, science and technology meet together, on the edge of the real and the virtual, between the physical world and the information space.