Qun Wen Shanxiao Sales Office
Shanxiao Sales Office is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Shanxiao Sales Office

The designer aimed for visitors to experience the artistic conception of ‘hidden in nature.’ the entire project has two parts, the sales office and the commercial area. the sales office is a smaller part of the building, but is executed with an exquisite and delicate aesthetic. it is naturally engraved and hidden in nature, thus highlighting the concept of ‘seclusion’.

Shanxiao Sales Office
Qun Wen Shanxiao
Qun Wen Sales Office
Qun Wen design
Qun Wen design
Qun Wen

Larry Wen is a passionate architectural designer who is interested in improving human social experiences in the modern world by innovative design solutions. He has around 30 years experiences in Commercial, Mixed use, Culture, education and planning. He is the founder of aoe which is a Beijing based design office. aoe becomes an influential design force focusing on contemporary design in China. His unique approach by engaging both eastern and western design philosophy makes him one of the most influential architects in China.


aoe is an architecture and interior design studio based in Beijing, China. Its award-winning work spans residential, commercial, hospitality, educational, civic, corporate, mixed-use and urban planning markets. Underpinned by a creative intelligence-led philosophy, aoe intervenes in the social environment to create vibrant human-city spaces of the future. Responsive to modern facets of human life, aoe’s design solutions fuse science and technology with the arts and culture, resulting in an inspired and much-needed reinvention of urban living – all the while, respecting local cultures, nature, and different ways of life.