Musen Design Static Interior Design
Static Interior Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Static Interior Design

The design aims to reflect the unique characteristics of the couple. The exterior features a light grey stone facade and picture windows for subtle elegance and uniqueness. Serving as the entrance, the four wood brick archways add depth to space. The central wooden staircase draws on the material's warmth and texture to connect each floor. The staircase is coated in titanium to create a luxurious residence that certainly leaves a lasting impression. The entire property is meant to evoke the idea of "home as the destination."

Static Interior Design
Musen Design Static
Musen Design Interior Design
Musen Design design
Musen Design design
Musen Design

We are Musen space design and we belive every customer has his or her own taste and personality, thus making every space substantially different from one another. They inspire us to create a unique story for every piece of our work. We care not only styles and circulations of rooms, but our customers’ feelings. We would like our customers to feel that every corner is just for them, a script that reflects the characteristics of the room’s owner. Breaking traditional frames with innovation, we aim to blend arts gently into daily life, finding a balance between practical uses and art designs.

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Every individual has his or her own taste and special characteristics which make their spaces unique. Hence, Musen gives every piece of our works meanings and releases stories inspiring designers to create. Designing is not only managing layout and style but also creating the sense of uniqueness for our customers. We build every single corner only just for them and reflecting the characteristics of the space owners. Breaking traditional frames with innovation, we aim to blend arts gently into daily life and to find a balance between practical uses and art design. The project, Static, is our client couple's long-awaited dream home. After a few discussions with our clients about their anticipated lifestyle and the details of the design work, we aimed to integrate the conceptions of home and hotel lifestyle. We tried to bring various materials into the fixed interior space and, at the same time, strike a balance between different elements so as to diversify the space and highlight details of the design. Through the changes of materials, we also tried to define the moods of different parts of the interior space. All above combined was the most significant challenge of this project. Our client couple often throws home parties with friends, so the first floor was designed to serve as a reception area. We used titanium coated materials and moru glass at the entryway to draw in daylight. The faux wood tile flooring was arranged in an arrow pattern, which extended inward and led the vision inside. In the media room, the bar counter was applied with plain concrete finish and titanium coating. These two elements met and brought up a focus of the massing. We used thin ceramic boards with faux rust coating for the TV wall, in order to set brown as the main tone of the space. On the other side of the media room, we added movable blinds for the French window behind the couch. Thus the media room embraces either the outdoor scenery or the indoor functionality with the blinds open or closed. Various interwoven materials and the outdoor scenery of greens presented the warmest welcoming atmosphere. We believe home and humans complement each other. With this in mind, we tried to set a tone in the house based on the client couple’s temperament. On the front side of the house, we used light gray stone materials and also created framed scenery, making our client couple’s home stand out with class from surrounding buildings. To Musen and our client couple, home is not just a space for staying. Moreover, it is a place to enjoy an exquisite taste of hotel lifestyle.