Futoshi Masuda Marugo Restaurant
Marugo Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Marugo Restaurant

Marugo Shinbashi incorporates the circle that composes the Marugo logo into the interior of the interior as a feeling of opening and casual feeling of the wine bar, and an eye-catching mechanism, the western element and the Japanese material of the copper panel made of Takaoka. In combination, Masterd was able to make something that was not there.

Marugo Restaurant
Futoshi Masuda Marugo
Futoshi Masuda Restaurant
Futoshi Masuda design
Futoshi Masuda design
The client's name is waltz. Margot is the name of waltz's bar business format.

Marugo is a casual wine bar format developed in Shinjuku and Marunouchi. We aim to be a shop that is easy to enter, mainly with high-counter chairs. The wine cellar is firmly in place and the variety of wines is appealing. This time, we opened our first store in Shinbashi area.