Leila Ensaniat, Nima Farzin Wave Blender
Wave Blender is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Wave Blender

People like to carry their personal blender with them for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the aesthetic aspect was considered in order to create a small personal blender when you would like to drink in your office or in the car. In order to hide the unorganized material remaining on the glass of the blender, and to create an aesthetic experience for the user, the silicone pattern is designed to provide a sure grip for the user. In addition, a small transparent window is available to check on its progress.

Wave Blender
Leila Ensaniat, Nima Farzin Wave
Leila Ensaniat, Nima Farzin Blender
Leila Ensaniat, Nima Farzin design
Leila Ensaniat, Nima Farzin design
Leila Ensaniat, Nima Farzin

I have had always felt a strong passion in design area. After high school, I started studying industrial design at University of Tehran in 2008 in Iran. I continued my study for master program in Tehran University of Art and graduated in 2016. As a design area student, I would like to work visual: sketching, creating scenario, models and making 3D rendering. Furthermore, my interest is in the complete design process from beginning until the end.


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