Elham Mirzapour Black Box Portable Bluetooth speaker
Black Box Portable Bluetooth speaker is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Black Box Portable Bluetooth speaker

This is a Bluetooth portable speaker. It is light and small and has emotional form. I designed the Black Box speaker form by simplifying the shape of the waves. To listening the stereo sound, it has two speakers, Left and Right. Also these two speakers are each part of the waveform. One is a positive wave shape and one negative wave shape. for using, this device can connect pair to other electronic devices such as mobile and computer by Bluetooth and plays the sound. Also it has the battery sharing. Putting together two speakers, a black box appears on the table when not in use.

Black Box Portable Bluetooth speaker
Elham Mirzapour Black Box
Elham Mirzapour Portable Bluetooth speaker
Elham Mirzapour design
Elham Mirzapour design
Elham Mirzapour

Elham Mirzapour was born in 1991, Iran. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from ID Faculty of I. Art University of Tabriz/ Iran. She is also an amateur astronomer. Elham has worked in some interior design studios and designed style and product. She is the Head of design in Arena Design studio. Elham was selected as the "Emerging Best Product Designer of the Year 2017".

Arena Design Studio

"Arena Design Studio" established in 2011 in Iran. Our Primary focus is on products that people use them in daily life. We detect problems and find solution by designing a product and service and we mainly use sustainable materials besides of considering innovation, aesthetic and functional aspects of our designs.