Zlatina Petrova BuiltForImpact Website
BuiltForImpact Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Website and Web Design Award Category.
BuiltForImpact Website

The BuiltForImpact system is a design methodology designed to help cause-driven companies stand out, sell better, and make more impact. It is designed for visually immersive scrolling, mimicking social media behavior patterns rather than a traditional website structure, in an effort to remain at the intersection of human psychology and the culture of leading social media platforms. Based on research and conversations with designers, marketers and business leaders, the result is a distillation of best practices organized to help cause-driven companies make their mark on society.

BuiltForImpact Website
Zlatina Petrova BuiltForImpact
Zlatina Petrova Website
Zlatina Petrova design
Zlatina Petrova design
Zlatina Petrova

Zlatina is the CEO of Brandly Collective. She's also a curious explorer and startup design mentor (including being featured at Google's Startup weekend). Zlatina loves to help the companies to find innovative new ways to express their message visually.

Fairhead Creative LLC

At Fairhead Creative, we call ourselves a communication company, because that’s what good marketing is really all about: understanding, and being understood. We help cause-driven companies-companies with a reason to exist beyond the dollar alone–to stand out and sell better, so they can make more impact. Cause-driven companies don’t have the time (or desire) to recruit & manage their own marketing and product teams, but they do have the time (and desire) to invest in the noble art of changing the culture. So it’s our job to be the extension of their team that they need to make that happen. We tithe as a company to human trafficking charities (the fastest growing crime in the world, and second largest crime behind drugs) so that we're able to make a difference ourselves while making a difference for others. Our mission is to "Help Difference Makers Make A Difference".