Ekaterina Korzh Gingko I Ring
Gingko I Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Gingko I Ring

"Gingko I" ring is a research on the beauty of gingko leaves and natural patina that can be achieved with bronze. The base for the ring was carved manually from wax and then being cast in bronze. Four gingko leaves cast in bronze too and they are crowning the top in a sequence which creates a motion feeling. Different shades of blue and green patina finalizing the idea of motion by reminding a viewer about waves of an ocean.

Gingko I Ring
Ekaterina Korzh Gingko I
Ekaterina Korzh Ring
Ekaterina Korzh design
Ekaterina Korzh design
Ekaterina Korzh

Ekaterina Korzh, a second-year MFA student in Jewelry & Metal Arts, received her first masters in Socio-Economic Geography at the University of Northern Iowa and Saint-Petersburg State University. Her first steps in jewelry making happened in Colombia where she took her first jewelry classes with Francisco Jose Pineros. Last year she took second place at the International Art & Design Competition in Florence. Her works were also chosen by Artistar Jewels Committee in 2017 to be presented at Milan Fashion Week. Also, she showed her works in "The Fourth Iowa Metals Guild Exhibition: Iowa+Taiwan" at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (CRMA) in 2016. Ekaterina travels a lot and devotes her pieces for this never-ending geography practice.

Korzh Jewelry

Korzh is a jewelry brand established by designer and goldsmith Katya's Korzh. This brand sells art inspired jewelry and one of kind art jewelry. Informed by her background in geography, Katya's work employs an observational and inquiring perspective on the world that she retained from this education. In her jewelry, she creates micro-landscapes by combining metal work with found stones, objects, and precious materials