Chiaki Miyauchi Kairos Time Earrings
Kairos Time Earrings is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Kairos Time Earrings

Each designed as a suspending amber drop with Makie, a Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold powder, mounted in 18kt white gold with brilliant-cut diamond accents. They show the moment of God’s intervention in a butterfly’s life, the moment of the butterfly’s emergence, and the moment of transformation to spirit. Diamonds express the flow of time in the universe and the eternal cosmos blinking.

Kairos Time Earrings
Chiaki Miyauchi Kairos Time
Chiaki Miyauchi Earrings
Chiaki Miyauchi design
Chiaki Miyauchi design
Chiaki Miyauchi

After earning an appraisal qualification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA-GG), she studied jewelry design in Japan and the West. After working with long-established Jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as being in charge of an Italian brand, she established her own collection called TACARA. For treasures of the Earth, designing beautiful, bespoke and comfortable jewelry for people, and performing environmentally sustainable activities through this process is her life's purpose. She strongly believes in a mutual symbiosis between our sustainable use of the earth's gems to produce beautiful artwork in return for replanting and new growth.


Authentic jewelry can be born from arranging the beauty found in various traditions around the world and their techniques to contemporary lifestyles. Wanting to create something that somebody can consider “a treasure”, TACARA's jewelry is careful made by hand, one by one, by skills artisans in each field, both domestically and internationally. Tacara means “treasure” in Japanese, and cara means “dear” in Italian.