Tsi Kay Scarlett Fu Futuristic Hong Kong #1 Digital Art
Futuristic Hong Kong #1 Digital Art is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Futuristic Hong Kong #1 Digital Art

'Futuristic Hong Kong' is a series of digital art pieces which were heavily inspired by the close-knit architecture of Hong Kong, and the sub-genre of Cyberpunk. These two themes also come hand-in-hand with the almost claustrophobic way of living, as well as the gradual suppression of society as it is commonly associated with the dystopian nature of Cyberpunk.

Futuristic Hong Kong #1 Digital Art
Tsi Kay Scarlett Fu Futuristic Hong Kong #1
Tsi Kay Scarlett Fu Digital Art
Tsi Kay Scarlett Fu design
Tsi Kay Scarlett Fu

With extensive experience in Graphic Design, Branding and Illustration, I have earned industry recognition and awards for both creativity as well as DE&I initiatives. As a Senior UI Artist in the realm of video games, I also dive into a variety of concept art projects, expanding my artistic horizons beyond the confines of UI design. By immersing myself in these ventures, I actively push the boundaries of my creativity, allowing my zeal for visual storytelling and imaginative worlds to flourish.

Scarlett Fu

Scarlett Fu is a Multidisciplinary Designer and Artist based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. With over 10+ years of experience in the creative industry, she now works in in the video game industry, and brings to life the imaginary worlds in her head to life and aims to emerge viewers to join her story.