ERIK ISLAMOV Three Planets Graphic Video Content
Three Planets Graphic Video Content is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Three Planets Graphic Video Content

This production involves more than 200 square metres of screens. Volumetric lighting and complex decorations immerses the audience into a new galaxy, that no one has seen or imagined before. Light and sound effect power is measured in thousands of megawatts; and all performances are based on futuristic technologies. This show has been a great success among viewers of all ages and constantly sold out to full houses.So far 19 countries have applied and are waiting to see the world tour of this magical show.

Three Planets Graphic Video Content
ERIK ISLAMOV Three Planets
ERIK ISLAMOV Graphic Video Content

Eric Islamov, an art designer, acquired talent from his father who worked in the field of architectural design. At the beginning of his career, he began to work in post-production as a designer of computer graphics in music videos. He subsequently gained vast experience in musical post-production design working for major national television channels of Russia. Eric Islamov was one of the first to implement 3D video mapping in Moscow. He has created unique video content for many Russian music celebrities. Eris Islamov's broad knowledge of being an art director comes from participating in and directing such important events as international opening ceremonies, various international sport events, and from directing two theater productions. He has won many awards, including a special award from the President of Russian Federation. He is known for his unique approach, bold decisions and speed of project delivery

The Safronov Brothers

Owners of the title "ILLUSIONISTS NUMBER 1 IN RUSSIA", according to the magazine FORBES. Winners in the nomination "WORLD BEST BIG ILLUSION" based on the illusion festival "WIZARD TROPHY". Holders of the prize "FOR CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD ILLUSION" - "BOYS TROPHY". Winners in the nomination “BEST ILLUSION SHOW” at the annual ceremony FASHION TV. The creators and participants of 4 unique television projects that went to the federal channels of Russia and the CIS countries: "EMPIRE ILLUSION", "MIRACLE-PEOPLE", "UKRAINE MIRACLES" and "BATTLE OF EXTRACTIONS". Their concerts and shows for 15 years have been visited by more than 5 Millions of viewers around the world.