Dongjoo Jung Espresso Table Coffee Table
Espresso Table Coffee Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Espresso Table Coffee Table

As a one of series of "Espresso Series", Espresso Table, inspired from coffee beans, is the table that reminds its own functionality which is unconsciously forgotten from people through utilizing the form of coffee bean, color, and tactile aspects. The intension of the project is to hold the juxtaposition of the inspiration and the overall concept of the Espresso Series. It focuses more on the architectural structure and overall proportion of the table.

Espresso Table Coffee Table
Dongjoo Jung Espresso Table
Dongjoo Jung Coffee Table
Dongjoo Jung design
Dongjoo Jung design
Dongjoo Jung

Dongjoo Jung is an interdisciplinary Designer. He has worked at various award winning design and architecture firms, such as Lissoni Inc, Kushuner Studios, Bodipure, Vice Versa Design Studio, and so on. He previously won the A`Design Award at 2017. He was born in Seoul, South Korea. After finishing military service, he has decided to move to the States to major in Art History. Later, he studied interior architecture at California College of the Arts and received a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design at Pratt Institute. He also earned the certificate of User Interface Design at California Institute of the Arts. He has variety of academic and professional experiences in diverse fields including working in Interior/Architecture/Spatial Design fields, Furniture Design field, Visual Design fields (Graphic, Package, and Branding Design), and Art fields (Curator, Docent, and Art Dealer). Through those various experiences, he has come to understand the ultimate relationship between arts and human beings and how they are interrelated to influence each other. He also believes that one of the most important roles as a designer is to make better society by sharing his talent and thoughts, and contributing himself.