Yong Zhang Wire Winding Hydraulic Press Multifunctional Hydraulic Press
Wire Winding Hydraulic Press Multifunctional Hydraulic Press is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Prosumer Products and Workshop Equipment Design Award Category.
Wire Winding Hydraulic Press Multifunctional Hydraulic Press

It adopts international advanced anti-leakage composite sealing technology, which has stable pressure, reliable mechanical performance and high machine pressing precision. In the shape, the whole is rounded for transition, the style is unified, and the ergonomic design method is used to make the height of the display and the work surface of the liquid controller within the optimal visual and operating range.

Wire Winding Hydraulic Press Multifunctional Hydraulic Press
Yong Zhang Wire Winding Hydraulic Press
Yong Zhang Multifunctional Hydraulic Press
Yong Zhang design
Yong Zhang design
Yong Zhang

Associate Dean, Associate professor, director of Department of industrial design, College of art design, Liaoning Petrochemical University. Members of the International Association Designers, 2019 part in the A' Design Award Jury Panel. The thirteenth Dragon Design Foundation Award, China design youth hundred list. 14 years engaged in industrial design education, has been committed to the research and development of innovative product design, to guide the students to dozens of award-winning works. Design works won two The Silver A' Design Award, IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, China Red Star Design Award. The works are reproduced in today's headlines, bilingual news on China's daily news network, and online media in and outside the country.

Shenyang Jiaqi Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Liaoning Shihua University

Shenyang Jiaqi Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2001. It is a sole investment private enterprise. After several years of sound development, it has a large scale. The company has a technical development department, a product planning department, a sales and management department, an after-sale service department and a General Office, thus the standard management, well-organized production´╝îsmooth operation can be ensured. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, which lays a solid foundation for its future development.We are a professional manufacturing enterprise which can design and produce standard and non-standard hydraulic machines, hydraulic systems and hydro-cylinder assemblies. Till now, we have produced hydraulic machines and hydraulic systems of various specifications and types with the weight from 100 tons to 20000 tons. We have customers across the country and the application of our products is wide, which is mainly used in automobile external panel, sheet metal drawing press, grinding wheel, rigging, sling, heat exchanger and various industries. With good quality, low price, high credibility, sound service, our products has won the satisfaction of our customers. This year, we focus on updating the products to make better principal machines. The hydraulic system part is equipped with Freon refrigerating installation, which can enable long-time and continuous operation of the device. The oil temperature can be controlled to the specified temperature range. As for the electrical control part, there are two operation modes: the manual and semi-auto operation mode. The PLC system, the computer control of the equipment operation, the mouse operation and the non-contact automatic function enable the user-friendly control, the reliable performance, the accurate precision and the easy maintenance of the products.