Simina Filat Ruumy Multifunctional Furniture
Ruumy Multifunctional Furniture is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Ruumy Multifunctional Furniture

Ruumy was designed to be a multifunctional textile, furniture that can be transformed from an architectural wall into a wardrobe, into home decorative items, or even in garments, handbags, accessories, by dismantling parts and fitting the desired accessories. Ruumy is made of recycled materials and has the shape of a textile puzzle without edges. The design of this object helps contemporary nomads, to transport and pack their ambulatory universe easily and quickly, adapts spaces in which it cannot intervene constructively and combines elements of home decoration.

Ruumy Multifunctional Furniture
Simina Filat Ruumy
Simina Filat Multifunctional Furniture
Simina Filat design
Simina Filat design
Simina Filat

Simina FILAT is a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, specializing in Fashion Design , and during her studies she had two personal exhibitions in the Galateca Art Gallery, "Keep an eye on me", "Ruumy“; a collaboration at the event Venice / ElectroCamp of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, and multiple national and international collective exhibitions. In 2018 she won the Design Award, Union of Plastic Artists Romania. She founded the SiminaFilatDesign brand 9 years ago, and her collections are dynamic, eclectic and fascinating for the experiment, a world where art is continually redefining. Over time, she has produced several hundred models, some of which have become viral, and remain constantly in the public interest and can be declined in any season.

Simina Filat Design

Simina Filat Design is a complex brand of design services, not just a leather workshop, that offers consumers just creation, produced in their own workshop, dedicated and creative sourcing, design services for other firms, personal image and styling, offers a creative environment where customers feel friends and co-designers (customer together with designer choose the leather, the texture, the color, then they can start the product from a new sketch, or can change an existing pattern according to the customer preferences). Within the brand, a research direction has been opened to respond to the disruptive changes of this historical moment through strategic solutions, using creative tools, for the complex challenges facing today's society.