Serena Abraham Out of the Blue Clay Animation
Out of the Blue Clay Animation is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Out of the Blue Clay Animation

A short stop motion animation about the rivalry between two father-son duos on who is the better fishing. Proving things may not always end the way they seem. The team was given the theme of fishing and thus had to weave a story from it. The basic idea of the plot was to create something which someone can watch and have some laughs. The story was written, scripted and storyboards were made. Set and characters were then created within the span of a week and a half by all the team members, guided by a faculty member.

Out of the Blue Clay Animation
Serena Abraham Out of the Blue
Serena Abraham Clay Animation
Serena Abraham design
Serena Abraham design
Serena Abraham

Serena Abraham is currently a 3rd Year Animation student of MIT Institute of Design, being trained under some of the best in the field. In-between college/classroom assignments, she freelances on various projects and contests, that mainly feature her illustration and animation skills. She began illustrating and animating professionally in 2015 and hasn't stopped since. Her previous projects include book covers, board game covers, small animations, music videos, etc. Still learning and always trying her best to achieve results that hopefully surprise and satisfy her customers.

MAEER's MIT Institute of Design

MAEER's MIT Institute of Design, (Pune, India) started its operations in August 2006, guided by the days leading minds in the Indian design education, with a plan to develop its identity as a research & training institution of highest international quality. It is into this kind of stimulating and inspirational environment that mentors from various design related disciplines are invited to interact with the design learners and challenge their young minds to explore newer territories that should complement and reinforce their ongoing design learning. Here are some of the disciplines from which these mentors would be selected: bio-mechanics, alternative energy systems, linguistics (semiotics), performing arts, plastic arts, design anthropology, sociology, perception and cognitive psychologies and several more. The mentors would ensure that the level of interaction is such that it eventually leads to a learning that is comprehensive, sustained and focused in depth, and directly or indirectly design related.