Tiger ChongSheng Guo Aurelian Headphones
Aurelian Headphones is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Aurelian Headphones

Aurelian is a headset system that aims to challenge both fashion and consumer electronic trends. Manufactured using 3D printing technologies; in gold and PA12 nylon; Aurelian combines digital fabrication with themes of neo-antiquity. Through an extensive iterative design process, coupled with user-testing, the designer; Tiger ChongSheng Guo, was able to craft a 3-axis headset system able to fit almost all head-shapes. This, combined with a unique interface and Bluetooth 4.0, resulted in “sound truly fit for an Emperor”.

Aurelian Headphones
Tiger ChongSheng Guo Aurelian
Tiger ChongSheng Guo Headphones
Tiger ChongSheng Guo design
Tiger ChongSheng Guo design
Tiger ChongSheng Guo

Tiger ChongSheng Guo is a China-born, New Zealand based designer. Brought up in a revolutionary time for design, with eastern roots grown in western soil, Tiger is a culturally diverse designer with a passion for additive manufacturing, fine detail handcraft, and solving the world’s problems one design at a time. Educated at Victoria University of Wellington in state of the art design and research practices, and versed in cutting edge manufacturing techniques, Tiger now aims to bring the wonders of auxetic materials and voxel-based printing to the design industry of tomorrow.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington is a world leader in digital fabrication technologies. Having pushed 3d printing since it's inception decades ago, and having recently acquired a J750 full colour printer, it was only natural for this project to lean towards digital manufacturing methods.