Yang Chao RenyiTong Multi-angle Connectors
RenyiTong Multi-angle Connectors is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
RenyiTong Multi-angle Connectors

RenyiTong is a set of DIY connectors consisting of six components each of which has definite functions. Based on the theory that holes and sticks can be connected, RenyiTong can be used to create three-dimensional models such as toys, daily utilities and creative devices, or linked through sticks in round or square shape to achieve more abundant creations.

RenyiTong Multi-angle Connectors
Yang Chao RenyiTong
Yang Chao Multi-angle Connectors
Yang Chao design
Yang Chao design
Yang Chao

Being artistically talented, he has achieved much in such fields as painting, sculpture, digital art and creative design. He is an idea person and a perfectionist at the same time. For example, he spent a lot of time thinking about this entries, and in the process of continuous adjustment. Finally, he was very satisfied with this result. He is a self-demanding person. Also, He is very hard-working and responsible. Can make friends with every client, build up long-term strategic co-operation relationship. He is also active in volunteering arts education to help young arts lovers.

Yang Chao

Yang Chao is specialized in interior design, arts education, arts creation, creative designs and technical consultancy. Striving for perfection in the interest of clients, he always attaches importance to details and practicality. He is highly recognized by clients for his communication skills and pursuit of innovation.