Ray Teng Pai Linear Flora Lantern Installation
Linear Flora Lantern Installation is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Linear Flora Lantern Installation

Linear Flora is inspired by the number “three” from the bougainvillea, the flower of Pingtung County. Apart from the three bougainvillea petals seen from below the artwork, variations and the multiples of three could be spotted in different aspects. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Lighting design artist Ray Teng Pai was invited by Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County to create an unconventional lantern, the unique combination of form and technology, sending a message of transforming the heritage of the festival and connecting it with the future.

Linear Flora Lantern Installation
Ray Teng Pai Linear Flora
Ray Teng Pai Lantern Installation
Ray Teng Pai design
Ray Teng Pai design
Ray Teng Pai

Ray is a multidisciplinary designer, versatile and experienced in a wide range of products, from house appliances, industrial electronics, medical equipment, exhibition booth design to fashion and jewellery. After working for international design agencies such as Fuseproject and Pilotfish, Ray founded studio Singular Concept in 2014. Based in Taipei. Ray is specialized in transforming manufacturing process into forward thinking solutions, and is motivated to create designs which are environment-friendly and brings values and inspiration to life.

Pingtung County Government

The local government of Taiwan that governs Pingtung County. The incumbent magistrate is Pan Men-an. Pingtung, the only county that is diverse in the aspects of geology, ecology, and ethnicity in Taiwan. As well as a county in Southern Taiwan known for its agriculture and tourism. In recent years, it promotes specialties such as tuna and wax apples. Pingtung is where Kenting National Park, the oldest and the largest national park in Taiwan. Located to the south of Tropic of Cancer, Pingtung County has a tropical monsoon climate. Although the summer in Pingtung is exceptionally long, it is not particularly hot. Conditioned by Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel and the ocean monsoons, the temperature is moderate there.