Zbigniew Dubiel Torqway Hybrid Physical Exercise Vehicle.
Torqway Hybrid Physical Exercise Vehicle. is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Torqway Hybrid Physical Exercise Vehicle.

The Nordic riding vehicle. This is an innovative activity device for physical exercise, which supports mature people in maintaining good condition and physical independence. Riding Torqway activates all muscle groups, it doesn’t put strain on joints, and its exercises are up to 20% more effective than walking. The Torqway is very safe and stable due to its low center of gravity with batteries located in the floor. By implementation of the advanced hybrid drive technology, navigating the Torqway is very easy and convenient. The vehicle connects with the app for the activity tracking updates.

Torqway Hybrid Physical Exercise Vehicle.
Zbigniew Dubiel Torqway Hybrid
Zbigniew Dubiel Physical Exercise Vehicle.
Zbigniew Dubiel design
Zbigniew Dubiel design
Zbigniew Dubiel

I am passionate professional Transportation Designer with over nine years of international experience in vehicle design and styling. During this time, I have been involved in several production and conceptual vehicle projects in Europe, United Kingdom, China and the USA. I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, where I received the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Transportation/Automotive Design. For the past several years, I also worked as an independent freelance designer, gaining the opportunity to work directly with various startups and investors on their future mobility projects. Currently I am the owner of the Dubiel Design Ltd - Independent Transportation Design Consultancy specializing in providing innovative, sustainable design solutions and timeless styling to help companies grow their business. I always look forward to create innovative, new, stylish and one of a kind designs, which can meet the future standards in urban mobility and public transportation sectors. Most of all, by designing I would like to contribute as much as possible to improve living standards of our society.

Torqway Sp. z o.o.

Torqway is a company raised in 2014 in Toruń, Poland to develop innovative product invented by one of the company owner. Their invention, Torqway, is a vehicle for a personal mobility, that is different than any other things ever made. It's a four-wheeled device with a platform and 2 levers to ride using a strength of user's muscles. It was originally engineered by the founder of the Torqway company.