Michihiro Matsuo Inclayer Residential House
Inclayer Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Inclayer Residential House

This residence features a high ceiling space and ensures the brightness of the main room even in a narrow area of the city. It can be used as a proposal of a prototype that made it possible to arrange a living environment by volume design of space. We also evaluate the realization as a zero energy house while securing earthquake resistance with a tree structure even in a large space.

Inclayer Residential House
Michihiro Matsuo Inclayer
Michihiro Matsuo Residential House
Michihiro Matsuo design
Michihiro Matsuo design
Michihiro Matsuo

Matsuo michihiro mainly designs villas and houses. and seems to embody the new value created by the relationship between housing and society and design. Pursue design quality while securing earthquake resistance and functionality. In order to realize a low carbon society in Japan, which is a country with many earthquakes, we have selected a wooden axis for the structure, and we are challenging the possibility of making wood of houses and large buildings with earthquake resistant performance secured.

Masayuki Miki

Miki masayuki mainly designs "houses". They are creating new value in Japan that combines home design and high performance. Also, in Japan, which is a country with many earthquakes, we are challenging the possibility of earthquake-resistant tree structure toward realizing a low carbon society.