Francesco Dolce Luna Smart Lamp
Luna Smart Lamp is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Luna Smart Lamp

Luna Smart Lamp is the first lamp that integrates Amazon Alexa voice services and Qi Wireless Charging. Luna is a fresh take on an ancient wisdom, revisiting the classical lamp by creating new layers of technology: light, music, wireless charging and Alexa functionality all in a single design. With Amazon Alexa built-in, Luna is a future proof product. The artificial intelligence is on a steep progress curve, constantly updating and learning our habits and tastes. Alexa features skills, similar to smartphones Apps, that give to Luna hundreds of potential new functions every day.

Luna Smart Lamp
Francesco Dolce Luna
Francesco Dolce Smart Lamp
Francesco Dolce design
Francesco Dolce design
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Woodie Milano identity is deeply rooted in its Italian origins. From the majestic nature, historical heritage, to the century-long development of craft and Italian way of life. We strive to create unique products by blurring the boundaries between shape and functionality. By ripping out the obvious in favor of the unexpected. By promoting a clear connection between classical elements and bold design and innovation. We make your tech life easier and sleeker.
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