Mohamad Montazeri Shine and Find Educational Product
Shine and Find Educational Product is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Award Category.
Shine and Find Educational Product

The most important advantage of this product is the ease of learning and memory Improvement. In Shine and Find, every Constellation is made practically, and this challenge is repeatedly practiced. It makes a durable image in mind. Learning in this way, practical and study and repeat, is not boring and makes more durable Memory and enjoyable. It is very emotional, interactional, simple, pure, minimal and modern.

Shine and Find Educational Product
Mohamad Montazeri Shine and Find
Mohamad Montazeri Educational Product
Mohamad Montazeri design
Mohamad Montazeri design
Mohamad Montazeri

Mohamad Montazeri was born in 1989, Iran. He got a Bachelor’s Degree and then a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from ID Faculty of I. Art University of Tabriz/ Iran. Mohamad is also a musician, painter, Amateur Astronomer and promoter of astronomy. He is the Founder and CEO of Arena Design Studio and Arena Design Academy that designs product, service etc, and also promotes the design knowledge. He believes that a good design makes the world better. He defines a good design in the balance of emotional with its aesthetics, usability and functionality.

Arena Design Studio

"Arena Design Studio" established in 2011 in Iran by Mohamad Montazeri. Our Primary focus is on products that people use them in daily life. We detect problems and find solution by designing a product and service and we mainly use sustainable materials besides of considering innovation, aesthetic and functional aspects of our designs.