ToThree Design The Sea Vibes Installation
The Sea Vibes Installation is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
The Sea Vibes Installation

This installation was designed using the language of the sea: waves, as it was designed for a residential project along the shore of Dalian Bay, China. The installation is a huge cylinder formed by double-layer copper plates, consisting of 6000 plates hung in the frame according to specific permutation. When walk around the cylinder, this installation looks like waves running one after another. When the plates move in the sea wind, flashing light and colors are reflected, symbolizing spindrift. This design reprodued the vibes of the sea waves with a fixed installation.

The Sea Vibes Installation
ToThree Design The Sea Vibes
ToThree Design Installation
ToThree Design design
ToThree Design design
ToThree Design

ToThree is a design studio focuses on visual system design (Logo design, wayfinding system as well public installations design) for urban and Architectural environment such as public buildings, urban complex, commercial / shopping centers, high-end residential compound etc. Most of the projects are quite successful in terms of business profit and public contribution. Its works have been selected by some international design magazines and design awards, because Tothree knows how to design with aesthetics in a smart way.

SUNAC Dalian

Sunac, the client of this design, is a real estate company that invested a lot in residential projects. The Sea Vibes is a project located along the shore of Dalian Bay. ToThree Design, who designed this installation, is a studio focuses on visual system design for urban and Architectural environment, for instance: pubic installation, signage system, landscape furniture etc.