Chris Tattersall Chile 2018 Unspoiled Nature
Chile 2018 Unspoiled Nature is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Chile 2018 Unspoiled Nature

We visited Chile in October 2018 on a Nikon-sponsored Photographic Expedition. We spent a week in both Patagonia and Easter Island. In both locations the scenery and wildlife were stunning and I did my best to capture the beauty I saw. Patagonia had the most amazing mountains, glaciers and wildlife. Easter Island was more of a cultural experience with the brooding Rapa Nui Moai statues.

Chile 2018 Unspoiled Nature
Chris Tattersall Chile 2018
Chris Tattersall Unspoiled Nature
Chris Tattersall design
Chris Tattersall design
Chris Tattersall

I have been a very keen Amateur Photographer for 40 years. I emigrated from the UK to New Zealand 20 years ago as it offered such wonderful scenery for photography which has always been my passion. When Annual Leave allowances and funds permit I have travelled with my wife to some marvellously unspoiled locations overseas. I have offered the "Pick of the Crop" here.

Chris Tattersall

Chris Tattersall has been a dedicated amateur photographer for 40 years. He has an extensive backcatalog of images from many countries around the World. He specialises in images of Landscapes, Seascapes, Wildlife and Flowers