Tekio Value Creation for Biodiversity Sectorial Communication Strategy
Value Creation for Biodiversity Sectorial Communication Strategy is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award Category.
Value Creation for Biodiversity Sectorial Communication Strategy

Biodiversity Friendly recognizes products and services that favor the conservation and upkeep of biodiversity. This project focused on developing a differentiation strategy for Biodiverse Friendly in six production systems in Mexico: Coffee, Cacao, Honey, Silvopasture, Forestry, and Eco-tourism. A visually appealing system was developed applicable in rural and traditional contexts as well as in the premium markets to characterize products and services with biodiversity-friendly practices. This strategy addresses a multi-target audience while positioning the value for the Biodiverse Friendly.

Value Creation for Biodiversity Sectorial Communication Strategy
Tekio Value Creation for Biodiversity
Tekio Sectorial Communication Strategy
Tekio design
Tekio design
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