Xiaobi Pan Heat Chair
Heat Chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Generative, Algorithmic, Parametric and AI-Assisted Design Award Category.
Heat Chair

Heat:Chair is a chair that honors the material it uses and the human being that uses it. Made of an ultra-lightweight material, polyester, Heat:Chair bridges the digital with the analog across dimensions. On a micro level, polyester fiber consists of about 30% amorphous zone and 70% crystalline zone. Because of that, it was possible to thermo-bond the amorphous layers together to generate the gradient stiffness chair without affecting the tensile strength of the crystalline zone. On a macro level, human data was converted into the chair form as well as the material distribution in the form.

Heat Chair
Xiaobi Pan Heat
Xiaobi Pan Chair
Xiaobi Pan design
Xiaobi Pan design
Xiaobi Pan

Xiaobi Pan is a Master in Design Studies - Tech 19’ candidate at Harvard GSD. Her biggest passion is empowering human beings through technology. Working at the boundary of physical and digital, she has created experiences that encouraged social connections, enhanced cross-cultural communication, and enabled hybrid senses. Her works speak to a universal need for mindful mediation with technology, and are championed by millions of people in China and abroad.


LMBM (Let Me Be Me) is a design studio founded by Iris Pan from Harvard Graduate School of Design. LMBM's mission is empowering human beings through technology. Since the world has never been so crowded with mindless design, LMBM will only invent a small set of thoughtful and timeless things.