Habib Bakas Light In Dark Survival
Light In Dark Survival is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Light In Dark Survival

A Light In The Dark is an immersive survival game that can be played with Virtual Reality Headset and made with Unreal Engine 4. This game is an exploration adventure with survival elements on an unknown planet. A scientist was extremely fortunate to survive from a crash of his spaceship. He must do collect some items and survival elements in order to repair his spaceship and to survive. He must coexist with all the entities and respect them staying within the dark and follow the light. He should be careful not to strike the light. Musics and Sound Designs made by Vannick Eymery.

Light In Dark Survival
Habib Bakas Light In Dark
Habib Bakas Survival
Habib Bakas design
Habib Bakas design
Habib Bakas

It’s while playing Final Fantasy VII that Habib became aware of his passion for making video games. When he were 15, with his friends, he created “Ryu Team“, a non lucrative Association to develop a role playing game called " Sword of Destiny ". Working with talented partners was essential in strenthening his interest in making video games. Ever since that time, he has been fascinated by Character Design, Art direction and Game Design. In 2008, while attending Gamagora, Lyon University, he got acquainted with professional software such as Zbrush, 3DS max and Maya. Through the usage of these programs, he has been able to bring more life and realism to his characters. In 2009, he worked almost 2 years at Eden Games (Atari's studio) as a 3D Character Artist and UI Artist. He worked on " Test Drive Unlimited 2 ". His professional training began in 2008 at Gamagora, a school specialising in video game production. He pursued this field and a decade later, in june 2018, he is graduated from University Paul Valéry (Montpellier 3) with a Degree in Game and Level Design. Today, he is looking for a job into Level Design. His reference book is called " An Architectural Approach to Level Design ” by Christopher W. TOTTEN. It is a gold mine for him. He is also creating his own game "A Light In The Dark".

Ryu Team

Ryu Team develops its own video games with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. By developing his own game, Ryu Team hopes to break new ground by becoming a company. The project " A Light In The Dark " will be proposed on the platform KickStarter, and Indiegogo.